"It seriously makes me giddy to see teams level up."

-Tamara Kemper, Founder of Process Mentors


After 16 years of leadership and classroom experience in both public education and ed-tech companies, Tamara Kemper had accidentally become an expert in getting things done. Now, as the founder of The Process Mentors, she quickly learns how your business works, helps you get organized using simple online tools, and teaches you how to keep it that way.

  • As a formerly overwhelmed and “systemless” person, she honors where you’re beginning.

  • As an open-minded optimist, she believes in your more peaceful future.

  • As a patient and experienced teacher, she has a clear and actionable plan for guiding you to a better way of working.

She seeks to help reclaim time and peace of mind for small business owners like you, who are changing things for the better.


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