Now Hiring for the Following Positions:

Virtual Assistant/Online Business Manager

About Us:

Process Mentors is a 2-person training and process documentation consultancy that's growing like mad and reaching a point where we need help to continue supporting our clients at the highest level. As the founder and CEO, my main need today is for someone to assist me in managing the administrative  components of my business.

There is a TON of opportunity for growth and advancement in the company, and I'm looking for someone who wants to grow with us as we build our awesome company. In short, if you're just looking for some "side work" or are an entrepreneur who runs their own VA or OBM business, you're awesome but this won't be a good fit. We're trying to build a foundational team that will be with us for years to come. We get that that's not for everyone.


For now, I'm looking for an independent contractor (with potential for eventual part or full-time hire) to help with the following tasks:

  • Managing client appointments

  • Tracking client time

  • Creating invoices

  • Following up on collections

  • Setting up client portals and contracts

  • Producing and sharing my podcast

  • Prepping our weekly team meetings

  • Prepping our monthly Goal review meetings

  • Keeping our goal sheets and project plans up-to-date and checking in with us to make sure we stay on track

  • Helping us to define and document the way we run our business!

This person's number one priority is keeping us organized and on-track with how we serve our clients so that we look and feel like the amazingly efficient and productive team we already are. We want our clients to say, “WOW! I can't believe how on top of it you guys are”…they'll say that because of you. And we will love you for it.

The main work we do for our clients is helping them to document their processes, so we'd love to have someone who is also a skilled writer, as we may need help with synthesizing notes and recordings from meetings into written training materials, but this is not a requirement for the position. Let us know if this part sounds fun or not.

This opportunity is currently for around 5ish hours/week, but I'm tellin' you, this is going to increase…especially if you have other ninja skills like writing, editing or design that we can make use of! I have a serious love/hate relationship with Canva.

This is predominantly a virtual position, although there may be times we get together for meetings in real life. You’ll always have plenty of notice and we’ll work around your availability.

Skills and Experience Needed:

We're very willing to train a person with the right gifts and talents on the technical details of the job. For example, if you’ve never edited a podcast before, no big deal. BUT you do need to be someone who will pick things up quickly and run with them…and then make them even better.

That said, there are a few minimum skills we need:

  1. You need to be a bit of a spreadsheet nerd. (Or possibly a nerd who uses online tools that work BETTER than a spreadsheet, which is what you'll use when you work with us.)

  2. You need to be wonderful at writing professional-yet-human emails.

  3. You need to have strong and tested strategies for planning and project management.


We only want to hire someone who will LOVE this job, so if this description didn’t sound 110% up your alley, please don’t apply. We’re so excited to bring someone onto our team to help us organize the nuts and bolts of what we do so we can focus our attention on serving our clients.

I can’t wait to learn more about you!


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