Welcome to The Hot Mess Business Podcast! 

Tamara Kemper explores the messiest parts of running a business so you can find ways to make it work better.
Find out how other business owners got themselves out of their hot messes with tips you can use today!


Episode 8 - Using Your Natural Talents to Thrive as an Entrepreneur with Pamela Slim

In this episode, I talk with Pamela Slim of K'é Main Street Learning Lab and pamelaslim.com about all the ways all of us already has what we need to succeed in business along with some practical ways to continue growing and learning as an entrepreneur.

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Episode 7 - Invest in Your Learning and Development with Chris Ronzio

In this episode, I talk with Chris Ronzio of Trainual.com about how even a born-entrepreneur sometimes has to stumble through a mess or two when building their business. He keeps it real about what he's done to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. (And some of it may surprise you!)

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Episode 6 - What it Feels Like to Be in the Middle of a Mess

On this guest-less episode, Tamara lets you peer inside her head as she wrestles with a bit of a hot mess of her own. Maybe you can relate?

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Episode 5 - Regularly Share Valuable (Not Perfect) Content to Attract Clients with Gareth Pronovost

In this episode, I talk with Gareth Pronovost of Gap Consulting about his daring (and sometimes messy!) leap into building a successful business inside of a year by posting just one YouTube video a week. Learn how he walked away from a "good job" to start a brand new business; why you should start creating video content today, and more …

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episode 4 - Build Systems to Finish What You Start with John Holcroft

In this episode, I talk with John Holcroft of The Accountability Service about the systems and mindsets he has designed to make sure he finishes his most important work…you’ll learn: Why planning, emotional pressure, and reflection are his essential ingredients for getting things done; What to do if you're not a completer-finisher, and more…

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episode 3 - Commit to Your Vision to See Through the Mess with April MacLean

In this episode I talk with April MacLean of Infuse Dance Studio in Southern California and Unify Dance Network to find out how she has embraced her own messiness to build a thriving dance studio and a new digital platform for dancers.


episode 2 - Get Rid of Business Overwhelm by Seeking Help

In this episode, I talk with La'Vista Jones from 31 Marketplace about all things business efficiency, including: Employing a "business bully" to hold you accountable to your business goals; Why partnering with an operationally-minded people might be the key to scaling your business, and much more…

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episode 1 - Using Pain to Prioritize What to Fix in Your Business

In this VERY first episode of the The Hot Mess Podcast, Tamara interviews process-genius, Inga Varney who will share her experiences with jumping into a complex organization and how she tackles managing her daily tasks, the importance of following the pain in your business to make it work better, and much more!


episode 0 - Why the Messy Part is Important

In this introductory "Episode 0," Tamara talks about why The Hot Mess Business Podcast was invented and the messy conversations she hopes are born out of it.