Is The Process Mentors for you?

Ask yourself...

  • Do you value process and efficiency but don’t have the time, interest, and/or ability to organize it all yourself?

  • Are you planning to substantially scale, sell, or franchise your business in the next 6-12 months?

  • Would you struggle to train a replacement if you or one of your team members couldn't perform their duties?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might just benefit from some Process Mentoring!

Ready to scale your business, but need to get everything organized first?

You’ve come to the right place.

You're at a tipping point in your small business.

Things are going well, but you can no longer risk putting the fate of your business in the hands of a few superstar team members. You need clarity in how things get done in your business so you can standardize it and continue to grow. And it seems impossible.

Does this Sound Familiar?

Often when clients come to us, they’re at a point where the way they’ve been doing things up to this point is no longer sustainable. They know they must systematize their business to continue thriving, but they don’t know where to start.

They worry constantly about what would happen to their business if one of their key players were to leave. The idea of training a new-hire seems like a daunting task. Team members are stepping on each others’ toes and frustrated because there’s no clarity in who is responsible for what and how success is measured. It all feels messy and hard.

Our clients are sick of running their business the hard way. They’re looking for a clarity in how they’re doing things today so they can make things work better tomorrow.

That’s where The Process Mentors comes in…

How We Can Help

Business Documentation Services

We can help you get your business out of your head and into a clear and usable format so that everyone is on the same page…literally. This might include creating:

  • Operations Manuals (SOPs)

  • Training Guides

  • Quick Reference Guides

  • Documentation & Support in Trainual

  • Process Maps (Process Flowcharts)

  • Responsibility Matrices (RACI)

  • Organizational Charts

  • Digitizing Paper Forms

  • Strategic Planning Management Tools

  • Custom Project Management Templates

  • and more!

If you need help writing down what you do and then making things work better, let’s talk!